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topic posted Wed, November 24, 2004 - 10:37 AM by  Nancy
After some years of looking and considering what form of open relationship suited me, I came across the unlikely phenomenon of cuckolding. Th dictionary defines a cuckold simply as a man whose wife sleeps, or has slept, with other men. From what I've learned by visiting various websites and Internet groups, there seems to be a cuckold lifestyle, akin to swinging, that exists in varying degrees of fantasy and reality. The general parameters are that the wife/women is sexually free and the husband/male is monogamous and, sometimes, even celibate. After wading through a seemingly endless amount of nonsense and testosterone-addled fantasy, I've discovered that there are couples who actually practice this lifestyle. This convinced me to delve into it myself after divorcing a husband who introduced me into the swinging scene only to use me as a bargaining chip for getting laid. When I found someone with whom I wanted to begin a relationship, I introduced the cuckold lifestyle concept and was pleased to find that he was able to understand and get interested in the dynamics of it. After a few months of talking, we experimented and became active. It's been well over a year and we are doing very well with this.

Has anyone else here had experience with cuckolding?
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  • I had not heard the term before. Thanks for the definition and sharing your experience. I guess for me I'm not sure how that would differ from what I call polyamory. It seems to be a form of poly.

    If a cuckold is a man whose wife sleeps, or has slept, with other men, is there a term for the other end of this...the wife of the husband who sleeps with other women?
    • The cuckold dynamic often (though not always) has elements of voyeurism, D/s, and/or humiliation. That is, the cuckold man very often either enjoys watching his lady with other women (or hearing about it later), or is directed by his Domme wife to share her as part of the Dom/sub dynamic, or is "forced" to watch her with other men as part of BDSM play.

      In this sense, it differs from polyamory in that the fact that wife is having sex with others is actually an erotic factor in and of itself. It's about the sex act, and it's arousing to both the cuckold and his lady (and often to the second man involved). In contrast polyamory is more about the relationship, and while the fact that a spouse is happily involved with another may make the poly spouse happy, it's seldom directly arousing in and of itself.
      • Am not sure and not by any means an expert in this, but believe polyamory is more often more an agreement among equals, and a cuckold situation is one where there is a power differential, with an intentional cuckolding situation being one where an important object of it all is the man enjoying being in the "one-down" power situation. It may sort of reflect the mirror opposite image of the monogamous, faithful 1950s style housewife and the playboy type husband, sort of a role-reversal of a more vintage type of situation.

        For those who get off on the Domme/sub power aspects as one of the main things, sort of a fetish or primary focus, if the man is the sub one, then the appeal will be there for such a dramatic situation as this would be. Think of the possibilities in terms of D/s for the free-wheeling wife in control and the subbie husband who must "know his place" and accept while being "faithful" -- kinky, high drama possibilities abound every day. Some are into this. Everyone has some ideal situation to make them happy. If the wife wants & likes, beyond just a polyamorous freedom, that kinky D/s power element as well, this is one expression of it.
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          I've never really quite understood the concept but you made it easy to grasp!

          And, that's with me having been the sole extramarital sexual partner, for several years now, to a very sexy woman who's husband has no other lovers besides her. He's much older than I am and travels extensively on business. We're great friends in fact.

          Maybe he is a real life cuckhold. There does not seem to be any D/s type dynamic to their relationship - he does not watch us or participate. He does however, buy her expensive lingerie to wear for some of our encounters and occasionally requests certain sexual acts be performed by her with me.

          Sharing you with others would be incredibly sweet Nancy. But, not if I were expected to be celibate or it was from a D/s kind of perspective! To have someone like you who is so lovely & sexy, so close, and only be allowed to see you & others partake in the pleasure would drive me absolutely crazy !!!

          I also understand your resentment to that previous situation you describe of having been used as bait so your ex could get laid in swinging scenarios. I must confess, he'd have snared me & mine with you in a heartbeat! I wonder how much of *that* goes on - probably more than is realized - huh ?!?

          Anyway, thanks for opening up this somewhat obscure topic and shedding some light onto it .... I never even pondered that there might be websites, societies, and etc. on the subject!

          Have fun Nancy!!!!
          • Thank you all for your posts! I enjoyed reading them and found myself in agreement with them. My attraction to cuckolding is, I believe, a reaction to the mainstream subordination of a woman's sexuality and the on-going double standard that puts a burden on men and women alike. I see it as a feminine, sexual and political statement and a way of living according to a deeply-held philosophy. I adore men and love my boyfriend very much. That I have sex with others with his enthusiastic support draws me closer to him. With us, any humiliation that comes into play is only a game for our excitement and does not stem from any underlying hostility. He is not celebate, but monogamous to me, though I know of couples who practice male celibacy. That wouldn't interest me except as a short-term game, again, only to increase our own excitement.

            I believe that we express ourselves very accurately via our sexuality. Those who have embraced alternative marriage in whatever form have shown that they are less suggestible to the hypnotic commands of societal messages. It is a pleasure to have found this tribe!
            • This has been an interesting thread, thanks for sharing, Nancy.

              Have you (or anyone else) read the 2001 book by David Barash and Judith Lipton called "The Myth of Monogamy"?

              I found it to be a fascinating read, if a bit dry. It's essentially a modern science-based look at mammals (human and non-human) and how our opinions about monogamous behavior have changed with the advent of DNA testing. Species of animals previously thought to be monogamous (via behavioral observation in the wild) have now been found to be rearing the young of others! Yes, Cuckolding is alive, well, and rampant! This has had serious repercussions for humans as 'dads' raising a child with the mother become suspicious and have DNA tests - only to discover in many cases that the child is not theirs. This has tremendous legal and emotional consequences.

              Their bottom line is that social pair-bonds do not necessarily imply exclusive mating relationships whereby they were previously assumed to be one and the same.


              - Dreamer
              • No, I have not yet read "The Myth...", but I'll look for it. It doesn't surprise me to hear that cuckolding is rampant, as you say. It seems to me to be a biological and, in my view, psychological imperative. I feel it should be out in the open and accepted by the man and the woman, husband and wife. I would like for this alternate lifestyle to become mainstream, as it would address many of the flaws found in so-called vanilla relationships.
                • Just don't try telling that to others not of like mind - it pushes all their buttons!
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    Hopefully, it will. I've found that the idea is, at first, shocking to most women. Then, the idea starts to burrow into the psyche and some very primal instincts come into play.
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                      This is a very interesting topic. Nancy, i'd love to hear where you got info on this, esp. if any of it was particularly useful.

                      I have hesitated to learn much about the polyamoury scene since the little research I did made me feel that I didn't really belong. My husband has been celibate for personal reasons for the past year and a half. Since the beginning of our relationship he encouraged me to see other women. He is in no way interested in hearing about it or wanting to be part of it. He is completely monogamous to me. I think at heart monogomy is my first choice. I would love it if he could be that kind of partner for me. But I had to accept the situation, and agreed to see other women. (Not that I've been successful in finding a lover! Telling queer women I'm married to a man has been a serious set back for me.) Anyway, the reason I resisted at first, and felt like I didn't really belong in the poly community, is because I would be unwilling to give him the same freedom. It's a non issue in the relationship because he doesn't want it, but it matters to me. It seems unfair, and "unequal". Hearing this term "cuckolding" makes me feel a little better, like this might be a valid choice for couples.

                      Any thoughts?
                      • Most of my information came first-hand from swinging. I read about cuckolding on the Internet at various websites; some were pure porno fantasy, some seemed reality based. When I began cuckolding with a new boyfriend, I started to make sense of why it worked for us.

                        Every couple ultimately comes to some arrangement that somehow works for them. I preferred one that kept my interest high and his interest in me peaked. From what I've observed, when men can stop competing for a woman's attention, they lose interest and when a woman must be exclusive to one man, she'll blow his faults out of proportion and use them as excuses to deny sex.
                        • Hi take a look at our Yahoo group, may give a little more info to this subject.
                          • This Group is certainly worth a look - it is UK based with 1030 members currently. Spam seems minimal to nonexistent, and this group is fairly active, with a mod who tends to keep the ball rolling as per posts, user profiles etc. I joined today, and recommend a look-see for anyone interested in the cuck lifestyle, regardless of individual location.

                            This is definitely not your average Yahoo Group. I just hope it is not mysteriously deleted, as so many other Yahoo Groups have been since the conversion from Clubs. FWIW If I were a Group mod, I would write a perl script to copy the Group posts to another server as backup, just in case the primary Group is "somehow" deleted.

                            • Thanx for your nice write up on our group.
                              We are still trying to get the membership activly involved and the spam down.
                              It would be nice if women could get to understand this idea partucularly as it holds mant benefits for them.
                              As for men well they may get to understand themselves better.

                              Kind regards to all.


                      • SunJoy,

                        You might want to check out this new Tribe:


                        If that link doesn't work, look for "Fluid Relationships". It has to do with flexibility in relationships rather than hard-and-fast rules. Nothing fits everybody all the time. It's brand new and there are only a couple of posts, but the Moderator lays it out nicely.
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                          I have some experience with cuckolding and agree with all of Nancy's comments regarding the dynamic and its rewards. My wife and I occasionally play with a couple who are seriously into cuckolding. It is one aspect of their D/s relationship in which he is submissive to her. Basically, he serves us and fascilitates us having sex with his wife in his presence. Occasionally, it is just she and I with her husband as our servant. It is really quite erotic and surprisingly respectful. This is done in the context of D/s play, but I believe the dynamic is similar in a vanilla situation. It involves a recognition of female sexual power and capacity for sexual pleasure. There is sacrifice on his part to enhance and expand her fulfillment, which in turn provides his fulfillment. I have great respect for them and fully understand the erotic charge this brings to their relationship.
                          • You have stated it perfectly, Wave. Even when there isn't an obvious D/s overtone, the woman is always the central figure where the man often subordinates his own pleasure for hers. Maybe a better way of saying it is that he derives his pleasure from hers.
                            • i just thought of a question, Nancy. I know that cuckolding is often part of a D/s dynamic in which the husband is submissive and the wife is Domme. I wonder how you prefer to handle it when the other man is also Dominant?
                              • A good question. I take men as I find them. I have both submissive and dominant characteristics. At various times, I'll feel like exerting one or the other, which means I'll be responsive to different types of men depending upon my mood.
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                                  Nancy, I agree this is the heart of it: "Maybe a better way of saying it is that he derives his pleasure from hers." I have great respect for people who can subordinate themselves and derive true pleasure from their partner's sexual pleasure with others. I have been in to Tantric philosophy and practice for many years. In Tantra female sexual energy is at the center. The man's role is to exploit the woman's inate capacity for profoundly high and prolonged ecstasy. His fulfillment is in going there with her. My wife and I combine Tantra with D/s and BDSM. Although I am the Dominant partner in our relationship, it is her sexual energy that fuels it. I am delighted for her to experience whatever she desires, including sex with other men .... and women. She likes to play with men in the Dominant role as a Domme. This allows her to experience a side of her personality that is not fully expressed with me. It gives me great pleasure for her to express her sexual power. She brings it back to me and I share in her psychic high. As in cuckolding, it involves a subordination of the male ego to the higher pleasure of female ecstasy.
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                              Nancy, this is the best and most compact description I'v read about it: "he derives his pleasure form hers." This is exactly what it is - at least what concerns me.
                              I think there always various ways of receiving pleasure from sex, and it is just natural that you can#t fulfill her deseires with any possible respect. I think that I'm a reasonably good lover - however my cock is not very big - and exayctl this is what I can't give my beloved gf. So there is nothing more natural than to let her receiving this particular sexual pleasure from another man. If she let me participate - the better - then i derive her pleasure directly visually and acoustically. But even if she meets him alone - just the fact that she gets from him what I cannot give her fulfills me with incredible pleasure and excitement.
                              And all this works only if both partners enjoy this kind of relation. I personally do not want to be sexually engaged with another woman - but I do want my gf to fulfill her sexual desires in any way - including to have sexual encounters with another man, with other men respectively - as many as she wants.
                            • "he derives his pleasure from hers"
                              That is I think the perfect definition of cuckolding, Nancy.

                              It's certainly true for me - the better her lover pleases her - the more excited I get. - I.e. one important condition for a lover is: he should be a much better lover, at least in intercourse, than I am. Often this is the case if he is much better endowed.

                              The best cuckold relationship for me is to see (or know) my gf being regularly and often sexually totally satisfied by a man who is a friend of both of us.
            • This is one of the best threads I have ever read on this subject. I am very impressed with the level of openness and thoughtful discussions that tribe members have on this board.

              That being said - I would very much like to meet a lady someday who is interested in this type of relationship. There is nothing I enjoy more than to watch my woman being pleased by one or more men. I am also a new convert to the idea of cleaning up after or sharing loads.

              You see I recently attended an interracial kink party where the theme was cuck & buck night. One lady in attendance brought her cuck hubby and after each guy came in her mouth she would signal her hubby over to share the cum with him in a kiss. She even signaled me over once as she knew of my desire and pushed some of the cum into my mouth which initially took me by surprise. It was one of the most intensely erotic things I've ever done which is saying a lot for me - don't believe me - just check out my yahoo group. It felt incredibly natural for me and has really opened my eyes to an area that I'm determined to explore further.

              Thanks again to everyone for sharing their thoughts and experiences. It's so nice to know there are alternative forms of committed relationship possibilities other than the ones that society and mass conciousness portray.
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    Shakespeare talked about cuckolding in The Merchant of Venice.

    This is a very old practice. There are societies in Africa where this is the norm, but women are also the property holders.

    My wife and I are into an even-steven open scenario and I am a little more active than she is. I don't think this would work for us, simply because I wanna play, too!

    • What happens is that the high-tension sexuality of the cuckold relationship results in the male getting more enjoyment from his wife than he ever could from other women. The primal urges stimulated by the arrangement are very powerful. I've found this to be true and I've read confirming accounts in various forums on the Internet.

      Maybe you need a little conditioning?
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        I've watched my wife have sex with another man and, while it actually led to our open lifestyle, thereby enhancing our sex life, it's not something she wants to have done more than once.

        She's has discovered that she's very one-on-one when it comes to sex and that's fine with her and me.

        • How did it come about that you watched her with another man? Was it her idea, yours or a spontaneous eruption?
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            it was our first open experience. another couple seduced us. it was very positive and started our lifestyle.
            • Had to chime in on this one as it has a personal ring. we actually discovered this as an adjunct to meeting friends for open (i.e. bi male) interaction.

              when we first started, it was a way to experience a man with my wife and all of us be free-flowing. when we first began, i experienced what is probably the usual male thing, jealousy. but that was coupled with a similataneous -- and equally if not greater emotion, arousal. i quickly moved beyond the jealousy as my wife is the least judgemental and most trusting person i've ever known. but as the arousal factor grew, i realized also that seeing her with another man whom i really liked was quite a turn on.

              since then, it's been an integral part of our MFM play, to the point where i find it the height of ecstacy to watch her a good part of the evening with the other man/men.
  • Nancy - This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart. My wife and I have been involved in a cuckold type relationship for many years and there is no way that either of us would want anything different. As you mentioned in one of your other posts, my greatest pleasure comes from seeing my wife's pleaure - and I don't mean being a voyeur and seeing her have sex but instead seeing the twinkle in her eyes and the glow that surrounds her when she is in a relationship that excites her. She was reluctant to get into this lifestyle because she was sure that she didn't want to "share" me, but once she realized that I truly wanted only her and would derive my pleasure from seeing her happy and satisfied then she eagerly pursued this lifestyle. She has enjoyed several relationships and is anxious to find a new lover. She isn't really interested in one-night stands but wants a relationship instead. Several people have said this isn't really polyamory but I would disagree because the way we intend to practice cuckolding is definitely a polyamorous approach. Someday, we are hoping that her lover will live with us.
    We also have a D/s aspect to our relationship that wa quite intense at one time but is merely simmering beneath the surface for the past couple of years. Nobody that knows us would ever suspect that she is the sexually superior and that I'm her "boy" when it comes to the bedroom but they all are envious of our 24 years of marriage and hope that they can be as excited about their significant other as we are about each other.
    One of the other posters asked about your thoughts on the other man being dominant and your answer was very similar to my wife. She was in a D/s relationship with a Dom for several years and it was quite intense. Her most recent lover was also dominant toward her. However, she also has a strong dominant streak as and she isn't sure that her next relationship will be a D/s relationship - at leat not where she is the submissive. I must admit that when she was the submissive in her other relationship it realy fuels the erotic charge in our own relationship.
    I don't think anyone can quite comprehend how electric this type of relationship can be. However, I also know that most people aren't wired to be successful in this type of relationship. If you have found someone that is eagerly involved then I would say hang on to him and enjoy the ride of your life! Good Luck!
    • We've been active in cuckolding for about three years now and it has brought an excitement to out marriage and to our lives that we wouldn't have imagined. The intimacy we enjoy as a result is a very important aspect for both of us.
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        (This isn't really a reply to anyone in particular, just an expression of mild confusion)

        We've always considered "cuckolding" to be a femdom humiliation thing.

        Yet, from this discussion, it doesn't really sound like that's what most of you are talking about. I realize that semantic distinctions like these can be annoying, since there is no one place we can go for THE definition of a kink term, but... I dunno, I just found this topic kind of confusing.

        To attempt to answer the original question, no, we've never done anything like the listed definition of cuckolding, but we have done stuff very much like what most of you described. We think of it as being more akin to poly/swinging with a supportive partner. We know of couples where it takes place within a D/s context, where the male is dominant, but is more monogamous than the female, and is basically ordering her to have a blast while he hangs out to make sure that she's safe. So... same basic activity, same motivations, but diametric opposite from a D/s perspective, and quite unlike the definition's portrayal of a sex-starved guy whimpering as his Domme plays with someone else.

        Ah, language. It's such a messed up thing!
        • "Ah, language. It's such a messed up thing!"

          That about sums it up. I came across this discussion while doing my own research. The word cuckold has been distorted (I am stating fact, not making a judgement here). The wikipedia definition seems to me to give a very concise definition of both old and new.

          In the past it was a frequently-used word for a husband whose wife has cheated on him and he becomes a laughing stock - becomes a cuckold - when the whole world and his and her neighbour know about it (funnily enough, in some stories, the cuckold is blissfully ignorant, at least for a while). If he knows, then humiliation enters into it.

          It seems generally that most cuckolds are regarded as figures of fun, whose attitudes/behaviours have brought disgrace down on themselves.

          There are several references to cuckolds in literature from the 16th to 18 centuries, but it seems the word cuckold died away in the puritanical Victorian era.

          The most recent use of the 'old' version seems to be in Gabriel Chevallier's book Clochemerle, a very amusing story of Church v others, set in a small Beajolais area village in the 1930s. The story is really about the building of a pissoir but does cover one man's cuckolding. (Incidentally, the book was made into a great BBC TV series in 1972, and well worth watching if you get the chance.)

          The meaning may have changed but it seems there are as many different 'new' definitions as there are people indulging - everbody, it seems has their own twist, all proclaiming theirs is the 'true' definition. (Some even state that the 'other' male has to be black, and the other males always has to have a huge member, certainly compared with the cuckold who is somehow 'expected' to be very small).

          I have difficulty with the new definition in its broadest sense because of the element of consent in it, or the 'pleasure' or 'excitement' gained by the male: I still think a true cuckold is one where the action of the woman is not approved of by the male. To me much of it is merely a version of a domme/sub relationship or a type of swinging - maybe I am just old fahsioned! If there is real cuckolding in the old sense, my feeling is a relationship would not last long.

          By the current definition, I am a cuckold - my wife will play with whoever she wants (not that she does a lot of it), and tell me about it - and I do get a big kick out of it. She may do it away OR at home, and depending on her whim, may well send me out after he has arrived, or get me to be their servant - fetching drinks, running a bath, preparing a meal.

          She also is more than happy to get me to procure her men - one is lined up to come to our house next month. I would never do the same - if I did we'd be divorced. Double standards maybe, but that is the way it is.

          Just one other thought: I think it does differ from polyamory. That it seems to me is essentially consensual in whichever form it takes, and generally has nothing to do with D/s (though D/s play could of course go alongside it).

          Yes, we all have our kinks, and the one thing we can be certain is that everone will argue furiously about 'true' definitions of each activity - that is a consequence of the anarchic nature of the 'sex sector' and there is no chance of The State intervening and laying down the definitions.

          France has the Acadamie Francais which is the supposed arbiter of the French language, and attempts to keep it 'pure' of Americanisms - not that anyone in France seems to take a blind bit of notice!

          If language fails to change, like Latin it will die.
          • As you well know, there can be several definitions for a word and are listed in dictionaries in order of frequency of usage. Every year, new words appear because a dictionary doesn't dictate useage, but rather, it reflects and reports usage.

            Since college students these days begin sentences with "Me and my friends...", I'd say we've entered the Dark Ages with regard to language.
            • unfortunately, we've entered the dark ages in regards to many things......particularly the concept of marraige in general.

              every marraige in a spirititual path in itself and as such, should be uniquely defined by those involved. we live in a society where the herd wants to determine what's right or what's morale.


              who's to say what my wife and i find acceptable or normal or exciting.......but us :)
              • I think the negative side of Cuckold-- is when it is not consentual and freely given... that would be when the man is looked down upon as perhaps weak or unable to satisfy "his woman"... if a man can freely and with enjoyment share his partner- then he is very strong indeed.

                I think the most important thing in any relationship is to know and understand the bounds and be happy with them. If your partner is not ok with an open relationship it is cheating... no mater what words might be used.

                it is one thing to think you would like to do such a thing-- but if you try it out and it just does not work on a gut and emotional level for everyone-- then you have to rethink and respect the limits. Relationships can heal from experements gone wrong, you never know until you try.
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                  Quote Membio{I think the negative side of Cuckold-- is when it is not consentual and freely given... that would be when the man is looked down upon as perhaps weak or unable to satisfy "his woman".End Quote}

                  For probably half the women and 75% of the men that IS part of the attraction. A little role reversal and sexual humiliation is a stong aphrodisiac for many people. :)
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    cuckolding implies that the cuckold
    a doesnt know or
    b doesnt approve or
    c just cant handle it emotionally.

    I infer from your having found some use of the word in swinging and internet groups that there is a new use of the word, in which the cuckold is a kind of submissive of a domineering woman, who flaunts it in his pussy-whipped face.
    • I really don't think that the relationship has to be a submissive one. Deriving pleasure from anothers pleasure on an equal basis is much more rewarding. It is the ultimate application of the philosophy of freedom. I think takes a solid relationship to be cuckolded. If someone is looking for something they don't have to begin with it won't work (other than a question of endowment). My wife has a much more outgoing personality than I do. I love it & always enjoyed watching her work a room or party even when no sex was involved. She enjoys life to the fullest & entering into a cuckold relationship seems like a natural way to best appreciate her gifts. I dont see it as a weakness. I think it enhances an already good relationship.
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        Well, semantics has been a bit of a problem in this topic. From the 1200s until the 20th century, "cuckold" was definitely a term of scorn and derision, a cuckold was considered to be a pathetic victim, a laughing stock or both. Maybe 15 or 20 years ago, when BDSM started to be visible as an culture, "cuckolding" began to be used to refer to the practice as a form of humiliation on a male submissive. Then we get to this thread, where much of the time it seems to mean "a long-term male-female relationship where the female has other male sex partners." There's been a lot of confusion due to some of us using the word in a more traditional sense than others. Whether or not a cuckold need be submissive, victimized, humiliated or whatever depends on which defintion you're using.
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    What a fantastic post. Im sorry its so long after the original post that I am replying. Im a married man for the past twelve years. After what started to be a mfm experience, we have taken our relationship to one of cuckolding only. She has had ten sex partners since our marriage began while I remain monogomous to her and I can not tell you how thrilling it is and my attention is totaly focused on her and her needs. We are not into a ds relationship and we do not engage in any of the fantsay nonsense you see so much in cuckolding..I have been with her but frankly we both prefer that when she is with another man that she is with him alone as my presence tends to inhibit her. Thanks for all the wonderful posts on this topic. The writers have stuck to the subject in an intellegent and thougtful fashion.
  • lets say.... you're at lunch and this gorgeous babe walks in and every guy in there wants to look. Three or four of these guys are some young hunk studs. So the lovely lady has sex with theses guys and satisfies them totally. The whole time you are sitting there proud as can be and feeling quite smug because you know she "used" those guys but she's coming home to be yours! No matter what your wife looks like in reality a cuckolded hubby should feel like he's just stolen "Miss December" from the playboy mansion.
    I hope thats helps everyone understand how the fantasy works for some of the cuckolded hubbies. Its a genital relationship with them and emotional one at home.
    • Wow, no one has added their 2 cents to this thread in a while. To quickly introduce myself... my fiancee and i have been together for around 5 years now (engaged for the past 8 months - wedding in 5 more months!). For the past year, we've gingerly stepped into the 'cuckolding' relationship. Started by her going out to clubs pretending she was single and having fun, to now having a full fledged boyfriend with whom she has frequent dates. He fully knows of our relationship and is happy with the arrangements. They've gone on a few weekend and one week long vacation, and it's taken my fiancee's and i relationship to quite the next level...
      • jim
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        Perhaps when you get married you could make him your best man and instead of you having her on your wedding night he could do it for you...that would definitely cement the cuckold relationship and isure your status as a cuckold husband.....wish I had had that when I got married but it was a slow process.
        • As a wedding gift to her from you, you could have a vasectomy.
          • For a few weeks now Karen has been spending a lot of time with Matt. we both tried to see how it would be if she spent a few days with him and only seeing me for lunch on some of those days...i lasted for 5 days. i asked her to come back home after 5 days. it was amazingly hot to be 'denied' in that fashion.
            • I have been reading the posts quitely taking them in, but this one struck me as odd. Why would anyone want to have their partner only see them at lunch for 5 days. I am assuming you live together normally though, perhaps I am off base there?

              I understand the desire to see your partner with another, but it would seem to me that when you are to the point that your needs or togetherness are overlooked for the sake of another, that would eventually erode the closeness in the relationship and jeopardize it.

              I am not saying there is anything wrong with this particular situation, just trying to get my mind around the mental aspect of what makes it attractive to you.

              • For starters, we've been together for many years now, and yes, we do currently live together and are engaged. The 'experiment' last week was just that, an experiment in denial - to see how we would both react. It definitely heightened certain emotions and got the adrenaline flowing. Those lunch sessions were so intense that neither one of us realised how fast time flew by. Nevertheless, we do have a 'normal' relationship as well, and the 'experiment' is now over. Matt (karen's bf) now comes over to our place whenever the two of them want to meet.
                • Thank you for sharing that with me. As I said, I was not judging you, just curious about an alternate lifestyle situation that I am not personally in. It sounds like it turned out to be a good thing for you both though, and that is what really counts. Congrats!!!

            • I think you do enjoy much the same as i do....the heightened pleasure of denial is what this gentleman was talking about......where say for a weekend we were a couple and we met a nice guest and invited him to join and he enjoy extended pleasure for a full day denying me any pleasures except to watch or listen to you.....

              the intensity of pleasures between us when we rejoin will be so intense and fulfilling knowing you have just enjoyed yourself for a full day and now you tell me all about it while we are finally together.

              the pleasures in this form and others similar are very fulfilling and very bonding.


  • The denial and the humilation affect of a week of your lover being with somebody else would be a tremendous turn on. The humilation of try to explain where she is or give a excuse where she is, to family, friends and colleague is a huge aphordisiac
  •  I never thought I would have experience with cuckolding, but life has a way of tripping one up. When we first moved in together ten years ago, we each had been involved in very monogamous long-term marriages. While we agreed that we would make our relationship sexually open, she stated she didn't see herself really becoming involved with another man. As it happened, I never did become sexually involved with anyone else because I was so sexually attracted to her, but it was nice knowing I had that freedom. Now, ten years later, we are married, and it is my wife who has a sexual relationship outside the marriage. It's with a dominant man who makes her feel submissive, and that feeling is deeply arousing to her. When I realized she felt a very strong sexual attraction toward him, I found it impossible to say no to her when she reminded me so much of myself, and I told her I understood her feelings and that I would accept it if they ever decided to let their D/s play become explicitly sexual.
    We crossed the line at a bdsm play party about five months ago. The three of us went to a bedroom to play where there was a standing cage, like a narrow telephone booth. They were already naked when I walked in, and her hands were cuffed in front of her which she likes. My wife suggested we start a scene with me in the cage, and so I undressed and stepped inside, with my hands cuffed to the top of the cage above my head. But instead of focusing on me, he guided her onto her back on the bed and knelt between her legs. She's a petit woman, and he's a big
    strong man, and as he leaned over her, he easily held her cuffed hands past her head on the bed, and she wasn't going anywhere. He told her he had wanted her for a long time, and that now he was going to take her. I could hear her panting. She didn't say yes, but she didn't say no, and when he didn't hear an objection, he lubed his cock and began to rub it on her mons. Still no protest from her, just her breathing, quick, shallow. Someone moaned softly, and I realized it was me. Her head turned and our eyes met, and then her eyes travelled down my body, and I
    realized my cock had become incredibly hard, and that she could see that I was turned on by the fact she was about to be sexually taken by another man, and with that knowledge she let herself go and just went with her feelings. Her head turned back to him, and without having said yes everything about her was now saying yes, and a moment later I heard her moan, sudden, high, and I knew he had penetrated her, and then she moaned again, this time, deeper, much louder, and I knew his
    cock was fully inside her. They kissed and I watched them in a sexual daze, as aroused as I've ever been, as he gave her one of the great fuckings of her life, and when she came, she came louder and harder than I had ever seen or heard.
    In the days that followed, one thing led to another as things do, and the next time we were at a party together, she went home with him for the night. Now they see each other once or twice a month. Sometimes she stays over at his house. When that happens, she tells me what they did, and so does he. On occasion he has shared our bed as well, and when we do that, it's enough for me to lie next to them and bask in her pleasure. It's been a steep learning curve for me, but my wife and I have come to love each other even more and the sex between us is hotter than ever. At the same time, I regard her lover as a good friend and play partner. So without having known there was such a thing as a cuckold lifestyle, I have come to accept myself as a cuckold...and at the same time I've learned I have an incredibly hot wife...and the truth is if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing.
    • jim
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      thats an amazing story Phillip and it must have been incredibly arousing for you to have been locked up and watch him take her the way he sound like a confirmed cuckold now.....I too have spent nights in our bed while she and a lover did what they do just basking in the erotic feelings without involvement...and I love it when she spends the night with a lover or asks me to get a hotel room while she entertains inour bed....
      • i stumbled into a cuckold room on aol a few weeks ago. I went in because i didnt know what it meant. now that i know, i think it might be enjoyable, especially since i am in a somewhat sexless marriage. i would like to humiliate my partner by letting him see how much i can be enjoyed, and showing him what he is missing out on. for me it would be more about my pussy's power, then the power i have over him..if that makes sense.. he would NEVER though. its sad because instead of letting me get what i need i should have nothing, what he seems to be satisfied with.

        on a side note. many of the cuckold husbands are made to wear chastity belts while their wives are away, or for punishment i is all very interesting
        • jim
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          Velv if what you say is legitmate you sound very angry at him....Im not sure that is a good reason to enter into a cuckold relationship but since the original definiton of cuckold is a man whose wife is having an affair if you do that he would be cuckold...My guess is you want him to know about and approve it but you want him humiliated in the process.
          • LOL..yes i am angry. and horny. yes i am always verballizing what i need. communication does nothing. not that i have even suggested cuckold ;) i know he would never enter into that kind of relationship. it is a small fantasy of mine, just to beable to have my needs satisfied, if not by him , then somebody. if not in secret, then yeah it would be cool if he would be watching another man enjoy me . i would love that.but i know a cuckold should love it too. doing it for me, which i know is what a cuckold wants. her needs fulfilled. i have had phone play where i am talked to like "he" is the husband, and he is interacting with me verbally as i am getting f*ucked by someone else. it was very exciting.

            anyway yes i have many thoughts about what i need and what he isnt doing about it lol
    • Jim

      A tremendous story and thank you for sharing as i feel exactly the same as you i can empathaize with your feeling and intense sensuality you have in sharing your partner.

      Again wonderful post and thank you for so many ways its very fulfilling for us reading your experiences.

  • I'm incredibly new to the term cuckholding but as you described it, I can honestly say that I have indeed been in such a relationship and am trying to convince my wife to such an arrangement. In a previous arrangement, my girlfriend was bi-sexual. Understanding thiis, I knew that it would take both male (from myself) and female stimulation to have her sexually satisfied. So we set up rules and boundaries that allowed her to explore sexual activity with others only under the stupulation that I not only knew about it, but was indirectly involved. Meaning, that she could have a sexual encounter with another person, as long as I was there as well.

    With my wife now, her sexual appetite is far greater than mine. So I understand that she needs (pardon the expression) more than one penis to satisfy her. Unfortunately, she comes from a reserved background and while she's open to such things. She's reluctant. But we've set out the ground rules to be the same. The extra-curricular activity is meant to be a supplement rather than a repacement. If it turns into a replafcement situation, then it should be discussed.
  • Unsu...
    Nancy--Thanks for this thread. Makes for interesting interaction with like minded folks. I read in one of the posts about a husband being forced to watch his wife copulating with the other man. My experience sort of parallels that activity.
    irst say that I agree with most of the posts I see here and I must also inject that the feelings between man and wife is important in the alternative lifestyle. That is, the more a couple is in love with each other the more intense the feelings are when another male or female becomes a part of their life.
    After a year of being dominated by my loving young wife I submitted to her yearnings for a lover and she turned my jealousy into feelings of humiliation but my first feelings were to please her.
    I knew for some time that my wife wanted to see me dominated by another man because she teased me about it and was always aroused when she spoke about it. I finally agreed but had no idea what this was going to entail. Her domination of me was exciting, arousing and always made for good sex.
    She informed me that she knew just the man because her sister had dated him and that he was very handsome and well built. When he arrived at our house his first move was to kiss my wife in a very intimate way and watch me for my reaction.
    His name was Dan and he wasted no time in hitting on her, which I must say aroused and excited me and she was fully aware of it. His technique seemed to be designed to provoke me because his first moves were to remove my wife’s blouse slowly button by button. When she was in only her pants and bra he turned his attention toward me and suddenly had my arm up tight behind my back. Before I could recover he had handcuffed me and was looking to my smiling wife for approval.

    After some manhandling he was demanding my approval for him to proceed with my wife. She was thoroughly enjoying all this and urged Dan to make me submit to his demands. “Come on James before he really hurts you,” she urged. My beautiful long legged wife was excited, aroused and needed to be taken care of quickly. When she smiled longingly at me I told him, “Okay Dan she’s all yours.” He quickly finished undressing and I was forced to watch him hit her over and over. She reached an orgasm quickly but in the next hour about four more and he unloaded deep in her three times.

    After he left she removed the handcuffs and put them back in her dresser drawer and started soothing my feelings.
  • what a great discussion!
    My intrest in it is because i am involved with a lovely lady, we love each other deeply, she is married, her husband is my best friend, and he encouraged us completely... he seems to really relish the fact that she and I have become so close. He has watched her and I make love and enjoy all sorts of sexual pleasure, sometimes he stands above us or touches her body while i make love to her. other times he sits elsewhere in the house and waits while we make love... in the beginning, she and I decided to make love one night he was in the other room, i remember he scrambled to get me condoms and making sure the room was ready for us, then he went to bed and waited till i left. i think he expoerienced jealousy that night, but after a week of quietness he asked her if she wanted to continue, she said yes... after a few months he told me i can have full access to her and no condom included, i felt he wanted to watch us make love, but when asked she preferred to go to a room alone, he said Ok so off we went, for an hour I savoured every stroke of our loving....every once in a while he would come in and look and then leave, sometimes i saw him just peeking around the cornerand disappear as i looked toward him... i kinda liked the feeling of being watched... well anyway it will be one year since we started, and our relationship has grown deeply. after 6 months she wanted me to take her to my house.... so we began meeting alone without him. she doesnt tell him. nor do i mention it. however he did tell me before it all started, that he would like it if i would go to her if he was out of town and such. i started looking online about cuckold, because i wanted to understand him better, and thus be better able to know some boundary of my relationship with her, she was puzzled why he would let me and her become lovers, so she is in constant fear he will change, which is troubling because we love each other so much... but just last week he brought it up to her, that he is happy and he see's me as her second husband she does too in fact, her and i connect more deeply that he and she do, so she says... we are deeply in love. i am also married , my wife and I are open minded i have discussed my needs verses her needs and she told me several times i am free to take another, but she dont want to see it.. so it is dont ask dont tell... she knows i have a high level of compassion and empathy and i am a deeply loving person. having this relation has opened my mind a lot and has filled me with wonderful joy... when i visit , my friend often makes himself scarce and sometimes leaves and flat out tells me i can stick around... alone with his wife... for me i would have never thought i would be in a situation like this, but our friendship was the foundation, and when talk started it kept rolling he kind of steered it towards the end result... i can tell he really loves sharing her with me... and the other night he told me what he told her.. in his heart this is forever ... i am not in it for the sex only, but my relationship and love for her, of which sex is the frosting on the cake we enjoy and share when time and situation provide. i have seen some writing on the subject recently that shed light on the inner workings of one mans mind about his motivation and needs regarding his cuckold lifestyle. i will post it later... well thanks to all who posted bvefore it is great to read from NON porn perspectives that really anylize the dynamics involved, which is complex.

    regards to all
  • BJ
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    Thanks for asking about our choice to choose and althernate method of impregnating.
    My husband and I are very much in love, and like most young couples, we dreamed of having children together. In fact we’ve always wanted a large family with 5 or more chldren. A blood test done before our wedding day, however, confirmed that we are both carriers of Tay-Sachs, a deadly disease passed on to children born to people like us. We were heartbroken and decided we could not experience the joys of parenting. We made a decision to practice strict birth control, and we have never strayed from that decision within our marriage.
    Within two years we had reconsidered every option and we were frustrated. We knew we could adopt, and we admire people who do, but I wanted to experience motherhood and my husband felt that desire as well. He often remarked how much he wanted to see me with a big pregnant belly. That made us think about artificial impregnation (in vitro). But we were left feeling cold (no pun) about the idea. On some level, we wanted lust to be a part of the experience.
    I can’t say for sure how the conversation came around to a polyamorous relationship, I can only tell you that it did. I was a virgin when my husband “deflowered” me on the night he proposed to me. I was unsure of what it would be like to be with another man. But from the beginning, we got excited about the idea, and because it could never end with my husband getting me pregnant, we began to consider ways to seduce another man to do the job. I made an innocent statemtent that it was ironic that my husband would be forced to still wear a condom while another man would gladly and without a second thought fill me with his sperm, impregnate me, and walk away with a smile on his face. Well, after making that statement my husband nearly raped me and almost didn’t pull out before his cock issued a massive discharge of passion and cum. I knew I had pushed a sensitive and erotic button in my husband’s psyche. I wanted to dive into this mystery deeper.
    I know my husband well enough to know he has a secret desire to serve me in a subordinate way. I tenderly suggested that we might find an answer to our prayer of a big family if he were willing to submit totally to my control. And yes, he was willing, so I slowly, slowly introduced him to his new role as a cuckolded husband. I didn’t call it that at first, but now the term cuckold is a regular part of our bedroom conversation.
    After weeks or even months of subtle hints and feeling his response to the ideas, we had reached a point where we were discussing the idea of my having sex with several men regulary, with the intent of getting pregnant. He left the choosing of those men completely up to me. And rightly so, I don’t want him or anyone else choosing male sex partners for me, and I definitely want to pick the man who fathers our child! My husband supports me completely in this, and has faith in me that I will choose men who will make good looking sons and daughters for my husband and me to raise as our own. I might add at this point that we have had those 5 children we wanted, my husband’s name is on the birth certificates, and he is morally, legally, and financially committed to providing for the children of at least 3 different men. It’s part of the deal and part of who we are and what we have chosen. All 5 kids are healthy, beautiful, loving, and well adjusted kids. None of them will ever know that their dad is not really their father in the genetic sense. Nor will they know the satisfaction both my husband and I enjoy getting pregnant through extra-marital sex, being pregnant, giving so much effortless and care-free sex to some very good lovers and leaving my husband as the willing cuckold who will never impregnate me but will pay for the pleasure other men have had with me. He has no complaints about my lovers getting me while I’m in good physical shape, horny, and dressed in lingerie that says fuck me hard, and then having them fuck me hard with my legs spread wide for them or pinned behind my ears so their cocks can slam hard and deep. Meanwhile, my husband gets the morning sickiness, the stretch marks, the big belly and the cranky pregnant wife, and as a bonus, he gets to take care of his own sexual needs when I’m feeling pregnant instead of sexy. He jerks off and thinks about how he has definitely gotten the cuckold end of the stick! But make no mistake, he likes this and so do I!
    What really seemed to turn my husband on was my constantly reminding him that I want to have lots of babies but none with him. My big belly with all its stretch marks will be a constant reminder to him that I had spread my legs wide for other men who used me like a slut and came deep inside during my fertile time. Only when they are finished fucking me and planting their seed, would my husband be allowed to cum inside me. “Then,” I told him, “your sperm will make no difference.” Again I was surprised by how this humiliating talk was turning him into a passionate and very attentive lover.
    The scene has played itself out many different times. I’ve had sex with 23 different men since my wedding day. I am almost positive that 3 men fathered all 5 children, and one man, who also happens to be my employer, fathered 3 of our children. That man is still my lover and I’d like to have one more child with him. He is more than happy to accommodate us and has become a good friend to my husband in the process. He understands that the only time it is safe for my husband to cum inside me is when I’m already pregnant, so feels he is doing my husband a favor everytime he knocks me up. In return for letting another man have me (very often) my husband gets several months of care free sex with me.
    The pregnancy factor is practical, in our way of thinking. The sex and cuckolding has grown into something else though. I’ve pleasured many men in the process of humiliating my cuckold man. One time I sucked my boss while my husband pretended to be passed out drunk next to us on the couch. His eyes were closed but he heard every slurp as I sucked that hard cock and licked his salty balls. When he came, my husband knew it by his deep groan, the whispered “swallow it all” and finally, my gulping as I did what I was told, and swallowed every last drop from the head of my bosses cock. It was an unbelievable turn on for all three of us. I sucked him dry, licked him clean, tucked him gently back in his pants, and he left me there to “wake up” my husband. Trust me, he was awake and ready when my boss left our house.
    • jim
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      very well written an described...You truly have a cuckold husband in the truest sense of the word...He knows about your trists and he is raising the children of other men....not only is there a valid reason for this, its erotic as hell and I suppose just being erotic is valid enough but few of us cuckolds actually know we get to raise other mens kids.....I think women naturally choose men for husband/caretakers and choose men for "sperm donation." Your post rather supports that theory.....and as I said it was erotic as hell too...
      • Unsu...
        Thanks much to Nancy for starting this thread and some very insightful posts from Jim as well. I’ll add that over the years I’ve seen so many cuckold fantasies that I can pretty much tell the testosterone fueled pure fantasy from the actual reality. Once people start to use terms like “forced”, you can pretty much figure it’s getting beyond the bounds of common sense.

        My wife and I do have a true polyamorous cuckold relationship. Lost of “poly people” don’t think of cuckolding as truly a poly lifestyle, but for us it does fit. Yes, I am truly monogamous to my wife, but she is not into the casual sex thing. She has two other regular lovers and they are LOVERS, not just sex partners. Once about 5 years ago she had a third lover who moved away and she was devastated. She truly loves these guys and I honestly think the feeling is mutual for them. They do usually comment about never being able to share her if they were the husband, but that’s the alpha stuff coming through.

        She is very much the dominant partner to me and that is great because I am a true sub and that really pushes my buttons. She enjoys being in control and we are very much into chastity play. She keeps me locked up most of the time and when she does allow me release it’s like a space shuttle launch for me. The really crazy thing is that she is totally submissive to her lovers. They are the typical alpha male type and she loves being their “plaything”. My wife may be different from most in the lifestyle, but she has no desire at all to have me watch her and in 10+ years of this lifestyle I have never once seen her making love to one of her lovers, with one exception when they were in her car outside a local establishment and I happen to drive by. I saw her car parked very far out in the parking lot and thought it looked unusual so I started to check on it. But as I got closer I realized what was going on and left immediately. Even though she has no desire for me to see her with another man, or even have more that one man at a time, she does enjoy telling me all about her adventures. She especially likes the effect when she talks about the things that she does for her lovers that she has never done for me or ever will do. I get very aroused by this and feed off her energy.

        This may not make sense to some people, but it works great for us. I am totally supportive of her and love her more that life itself, and she feels the same way but needs the additional relationships. To be totally focused on her needs turns out to be exactly what I need from the relationship.

        Thanks again for starting this thread and all the good input form the previous postings.
        • WOW! There truly is a plethora, no, a full cornacopia of lifestyles out there!

          I have been the "other man" in cuckold relationships which (for me) always started with having an affair with a married girl which lead to having sex in front of hubby. After the first time, and I found out the excitement of the scene, I searched out married girls just because of that possibility. I really got off fucking the guy's wife while he watched...LOL!

          There are a lot of married girls who want to have something different on the side. That something different seems to be practicing submission to her lover where she can't or won't do it with her hubby.

          In the cases where the goal of the wife was to humiliate her cuckold husband I felt it was all role playing even to the point where I would "force" him to suck my dick while she watched. It certainly excited her seeing me totally dominate him but I don't think he was actually gay. I would have him kneel in front of me and unzip my jeans. I would position him so she had a clear view of the action. Then, I would make him kiss my engorging dick then lick it for several minutes before beginning sucking. At the end, he was made to swallow my entire load while she fingered herself to orgasm. After all that, I think it was nothing more than deeply embeded role playing.

          I liked exploring the domination scene and she liked exploring the submission side. Then, there was another sub-theme....her in control of hubby. That was a D/s sib-scenario of the main show...she and I together enjoying each other in a variety of ways..
          • I met a man who is dominant but who loves it when I have sex with other men, particularly black men while he is with me, he is usually next to me and holding me.

            It is much more of an energy thing for us. He has been meditating for 30 years and he can feel the other man's sexual energy through me, whether I am sucking him or we are fucking. He gets really turned on by this. He likes to lick me when I am sucking another cock or getting fucked.

            The more men I do, the better. we have done gang bangs too.

            But there are no elements of humiliation or him being submissive. The only name I can think of is Dominant Cuckold.

            I am looking for a man that I match up with better than this man but it seems that cuckolds who are dominant are more rare that cuckolds.

            I am submissive and I do not want a submissive man. well, I would love a houseboy, someone to serve me buth personally and otherwise but in the bed I want someone who is dominant. Any takers?
            • Ann i full understand what you mean and can appreciate the highs you feel and experience its one of the finest levels of pleasure there is .............bonded but yet having that freedom !!! what exstacy and pure enjoyment based on a the basis of diversity and your lovers dominat side adds so much and extra of enjoyment to you....

  • nancy

    yes i fully understand what you have mentioned and i too find the life style very interesting and satisfying. It allows a woman with a higher level of needs to enjoy a diversity that she otherwise might not enjoy except with guilt and alot of stress.

    Linking up with an understanding non-jealous type man is essential and will develop a deep close relationship as you will find a man that indulges in this life style with you, will deepen the relationship to a very deep level. You will appreciaet hsi openess and encouragement of your needs and he helps you to satisfy your needs.

    You get the best of both and closeness of a relationship with the diversity fo having diversity in men which you crave and need. just so your careful and use good judgement in selecting men that you both feel comfortable with and these guests cause no stress but blend in you will do well and this life style will evolve into ever higher levels of sharing and enjoy ment for you..........!!! ENJOY and have FUN !!!
    • Thank you, Ray. I must say that this lifestyle arrangement is not without some guilt and jealousy, but that may be a part of the attraction.Soothing him after he's felt slighted can be a great pleasure for us both.
      • jim
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        Nancy, is "some guilt" on your part and some "jealousy" on his part. I certainly hope you don't feel guilty but I suppose a lot of women even though they want to cuckold still feel a bit of guilt...I just can not fathom why.
  • My husband and I have had a cuckold relationship for 23 years now. He actually brought up me being with others very early in our marriage. He and I do not have sex because he prefers to watch, and all my lovers have all been much larger than he is, which he and I both like. For years he has brought men home to me and watched either in the room or through an open door. He is not really submissive to the other men , although he does respect them. He sees me do things with them I have and never will do with him and he loves seeing it.

    We consider ourselves poly, yet we tell people we have an open relationship. My husband has tried to be with other women, but the guilt gets to him and he never is able to go through with it. I love being with other men , not just because they are usually very very good lovers, often very endowed, but I know it is also pleasing my husband at the same time. I cannot say my husband is always around when I am with a lover, but he has come home to find me with men many many times throughout the years.

    Cuckolding can take many forms. Our relationship is one in which we really don't talk much about sex, it just often happens, not for him but with me. We have three children fathered by other men who were or still are our friends. The bio fathers do not claim the children as theirs and have even told me they like that my husband is taking responsibility for their children. To me they are mine and my husbands no matter who got me pregnant. I have fond the poly and cuck lifestyle to be very fulfilling.

    I do not have sex with my husband, but he has told me that as long as I continue to have sex with other men he is satisfied. I can do that. Most of the men I have had sex with it was just sex, others I have actually fallen in love with. That hasn't diminished my love for my husband, it has actually strengthened it. When he brings men home to me I know he is doing it for himself as well as me, but I know it pleases both of us.

    My husband was a virgin when we met and I wasn't, not by far. I liked sex and had experience, my husband had no experience, but had watched others in the past. It just made sense that he would want me to be with others. The first guy he hooked me up with was his best friend, the bio father of our oldest child. I have found that it has pleased him most when he knew the guy before I had sex with him, there was a bond. Seeing as how my husband can't seem to have sex with other women, and he enjoys and actually prefers to watch me with others, this is a perfect example of how he gets his pleasure from my pleasure.

    I love my husband more than anything in the world, other than my kids, and knowing it makes him , maybe more than me, happy, I will always have sex with other men. I know it keeps us together and we both get pleasure, which should be a part of any relationship anyway.
    • Man, you are hot!!!
      You are a dream of a wife for many cuckolds!!
      I do believe that your hubby is a very lucky and happy man, getting so perfectly cuckolded by you!
      When I read your post I was not just rock hard, but very close to cum ...

      How does your husband get his sexual relief? Does he masturbate a lot when you are with the other men?
      You mentioned that he is smaller ... could you (if possible) tell us how small he is? ... and how big your lovers (typically and/or preferrably) are?
      Does he enjoy also (as I do) watching you kissing these men and do more the "love making" kind of sex?

      • Andy Hi, from the post you have made i think you would make a great CUCK and most cucks have 3" to 5" little dicks but a bull or the lover is much bigger and thicker in that department...... my cuck was not to jack of unless it was ok with me and the hot wife and some times we locked his little perker and made him feel really bad..... you know what i mean ///////

  • yes nancy very much so......the experience with cuckolding is the best way to go....I have had a few women partners where i encourged them to enjoy a 2nd man either alone 1 on 1 and then i rejoin or with me there present. the pleasures took many forms depending on what areas the woman wanted to explore but the heightened senses of the woman with a 2nd man is to be experinced to be believed !!! It then became a normal natural life style where my woman partner would look forward to the guest arriving and staying with us....sometimes my woman would find the geust at times i enjoyed inviting a male I knew might fit in nicely......we enjoyed so many variations and a deep satisfaction that enhanced and expanded our closeness as something very special.....

    Thank you for sharing as this is the only life style for me now.....

    very best regards,


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